The FISTS-2024 program committee appointed an ad-hoc award committee to evaluate all accepted papers and abstracts of the conference. The FISTS-2024 program chair will issue the best (student) paper awards and best (student) poster awards during the banquet on February 27th, 2024.  

Best Paper Award

“Using Mobile Charging Drones to Mitigate Battery Disruptions of Electric Vehicles on Highways,” Xi Cheng, Hui Shen, Yantao Huang, Yi-Ling Cheng, and Jane Lin – University of Illinois, Chicago, and Argonne National Lab

Best Paper Runner-Up Award

“Energy Impacts of Traffic-Smoothing Cruise Controllers on Mixed Traffic,” Jose Acedo Aguilar and Shian Wang –  University of Texas at El Paso

“Developing a Novel Eco-Driving Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicle at Isolated Signalized Intersection,” Changxin Wan, Xiaonian Shan, and Hongyi Guan – Hohai University

Best Poster Award

“A Smart Mobility Platform with Equitable Peer-to-Peer Congestion Pricing and Its Policy and Equity Implications,” Siwei Hu; Daisik Nam; Pengyuan Sun; R. Jayakrishnan; Michael F. Hyland – University of California, Irvine

Best Poster Runner-Up Award

“Unveiling Disparities in Objective and Subjective Perspectives on Public Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Among Experienced and Inexperienced Users,” Kenny Wijaya; Bruno Cesar Krause Moras; Prasanna Humagain; Konstantina Gkritza – Purdue University

Best Poster Honorable Mention Award

“An Intelligently Controlled Charging Model for Battery Electric Trucks in Drayage Operations”, Jacqueline Garrido, Emmanuel Hidalgo, Matthew J. Barth, Kanok Boriboonsomsin – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“A Literature Synthesis of Emerging Last Mile Delivery Technologies and their Applications to Rural Areas: Drones, Autonomous Delivery Vehicles, and Truck-Drones,” Marcella Kaplan, Kevin Heaslip – Virginia Tech

“An Investigation of Location-based Factors Influencing Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Behaviors,” Debbie Indah, Cuthbert Ruseruka, Judith Mwakalonge, Gurcan Comert, Saidi Siuhi – South Carolina State University